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Titles & Dedications

compiled by Ruth Heredia

While the titles of some of Sabatini's books are addressed by the words in bold print on the covers, others are referred to by a shortened version of that title, usually by truncating a subtitle. This elimination can sometimes cause readers to miss subtleties in plot and structure of the book. (For instance, in calling his book Captain Blood: His Odyssey Sabatini was no doubt referring to Homer's Odyssey, not just in scope, but in the heroism of the title character.
This list also includes the dedications that made in his books. Most are obvious or documented in the addendum (bottom of this page) although we have not yet fleshed out some of the initials. If you have Sabatini book not listed that has a subtitle or dedication, please email the webmaster.

The Lovers of Yvonne/The Suitors of Yvonne
Being a Portion of the Memoirs of the Sieur Gaston de Luynes
The Tavern Knight
To R. G. D.
Bardelys the Magnificent
Being on Account of the Strange Wooing pursued by the Sieur Marcel de Saint-Pol; Marquis of Bardelys, and of the things that in the course of it befell him in Languedoc, in the year of the Rebellion
a Miei Genitori
Being a narrative excerpted from the chronicles of Urbino during the dominion of the High and Mighty Messer Guidobaldo da Montefeltro
To My Wife
The Shame of Motley
Being the Memoir of Certain Transactions in the Life of Lazzaro Biancomonte, of Biancomonte, sometime Fool of the Court of Pesaro.
Anthony Wilding /Arms and the Maid /Mistress Wilding
To Rafael-Angelo
The Lion's Skin
To Henry Hamilton
The Life of Cesare Borgia
Of France, Duke of Valentinois and Romagna, Prince of Andria and Venafri, Count of Dyois, Lord of Piombino, Camerino and Urbino, Gonfalonier and Captain-General of Holy Church
A History and Some Criticisms
The Justice of the Duke
To Lancelot and Martha Dixon
The Strolling Saint
Being the Confessions of the High & Mighty Agostino D'Anguissola, Tyrant of Mondolfo & Lord of Carmina, in the State of Piacenza
The Gates of Doom
A Romance
The Sea-Hawk
To Francis R. Pryor
Who Sent me A-Sailing from Falmouth to the Coast of Barbary
The Banner of the Bull
To Herbert and Marguerite Bunning
The Historical Nights' Entertainment, Series 2
To David Whitelaw [see below]
A Romance of the French Revolution
Captain Blood
His Odyssey
The Carolinian
To J. E. Harold Terry [see below]
Bellarion the Fortunate
A Romance
The Reaping
[I do not have access to a copy. ~ Ruth]


The Historical Nights' Entertainment, Series 2:

My Dear David,

Since the narratives collected here as well as in the preceding volume under the title of the Historical Nights Entertainment—narratives originally published in The Premier Magazine, which you so ably edit—owe their being to your suggestion, it is fitting that some acknowledgment of the fact should be made. To what is hardly less than a duty, allow me to add the pleasure of dedicating to you, in earnest of my friendship and esteem, not merely this volume, but the work of which this volume is the second.

Sincerely yours,
Rafael Sabatini

London, June, 1919.

The Carolinian:

My Dear Harold,

Some few years ago you and I, labouring jointly, delved into the romantic soil of Carolinian history for certain elements from which to construct a play of the American War of Independence. Out of these same elements I have now fashioned this book, and in dedicating it to you I do so not merely as a pledge of the warm esteem in which I hold you, but as an acknowledgement that is due,
Believe me, my dear Harold,

Your friend,
Rafael Sabatini

London, November, 1924.

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