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The Uncollected Works of Rafael Sabatini

Information for this list has been gathered from a number of sources, including letters written by or to Sabatini, so while I have copies of the vast majority of these stories, I have not yet been able to locate all of them. Hence there are some story titles listed for which I do not have the exact date of publication.

There is much fine reading to be found here, including several stories here that are really short novels, including "The Scourge", "Forbidden Lover" and "An Act of Faith". – Jesse F.Knight

Links indicate story is available online in HTML

Title Published by Date
The Fool's Love Story The Ludgate June 1899
The Vicomte's Wager Harmsworth Magazine September 1899
The Curate and the Actress The Royal Magazine November 1899
Sword and Mitre The Royal Magazine December 1899
The Dupes The Ludgate January 1900
The Malediction The Royal Magazine June 1900
The Red Owl The Royal Magazine August 1900
Out of the Dice Box Royal Magazine October 1900
The Marquis' Coach Ainslee's January 1901
Tommy Royal Magazine February 1901
The Lottery Ticket Ainslee's March 1901
The Duellist's Wife Ainslee's October 1903
The Ducal Rival Ainslee's November 1903
The Siege of Savigny Chamber's Journal November 1903
The Sacrifice English Illustrated Magazine February 1904
The Locket The London Magazine March 1904
The Face of the Clock The Realm August 1904
The Devourer of Hearts The Realm September 1904.
The Metamorphosis of Colin Ainslee's September 1904
Annabel's Wager The London Magazine March 1905
The Captain of the Guard The London Magazine May 1905
The Copyhunter The Sketch October 18, 1905
The Spurs of Jealousy The London Magazine October 1906
Mr Dewbury's Consent The Graphic December 1, 1906.
The ElopementThe London Magazine May 1907
The Fortunes of War Ainslee's October 1907
The Act of Sequestration The London Magazine August 1908
The Usurpers
Later expanded into the novel Saint Martin's Summer (1909)
The London Magazine September 1908
The Avenger Gunter's Magazine March 1909
The Foster-Lover The Storyteller October 1910
The Blackmailer The London Magazine February 1912
Playing With Fire The London Magazine February 1913; pp.735-742.
The Ordeal The London Magazine April 1913; pp.183-190.
The Altruist The Lady's WorldJune 1913; pp.1013-1020.
The Wedding Gift Pearson's Magazine September 1913; pp.312-321.
The Tapestried Room Pall Mall Magazine December 1913; pp.790-799.
The Heresy of Don Ramon Premier Magazine May 1914; pp.105-112.
The Act of Faith
Later expanded into the novel The Hounds of God (1928).
Premier Magazine April 1915; pp.1-31.
The Roundhead's Bargain Premier Magazine October 1915
The Scourge
Later expanded into the novel Fortune's Fool (1923).
Premier Magazine March 1916
Arcanum Premier Magazine January 1918
Intelligence Grand Magazine January 1918
The Night of Doom
Later expanded into the novel The Minion or The King's Minion (1930).
Premier Magazine June 1919
The Usurer's Daughter Pan December 1920
The Marriage of Beaumartin The Grand Magazine Christmas Number 1920
In the Shadow of the Guillotine The Household Magazine February & March 1925
Nuptials of Corbigny
Later expanded into the novel The Nuptials of Corbal (1927).
McCall's January 1927
Duel on the Beach
Later expanded into the novel The Black Swan (1932)
Ladies' Home Journal September 3,1931
Forbidden Lover Ladies' Home Journal June 3, 1932;
July 16, 1932;
August 16, 1932
The Lie Strand Magazine March 1937
The Pistol Strand Magazine February 1939
The Gordian Knot Strand Magazine December 1940
The Gentlewoman's Amanuensis Strand Magazine February 1941
The Dupe Strand Magazine September 1941

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