Projects of Rafael Sabatini Society


Though it started out under the aegis of the Society, this project has been spun off on its own, to be published in 2010.

Jesse Knight and Steve Darley worked on a definitive, complete Bibliography of the writings of Rafael Sabatini. We hope to have it available for purchase at a discount for members of the Society.

Study Sheets

Jan Carlson's project of developing outlines useful for study of discussion groups, to be available in printed form and on the web site, is on hold currently.

Web Site

The Life and Work of Rafael Sabatini was founded before the Society by Jesse F. Knight and A.G. Lindsay (rimfire). Its purpose is to house information and articles on Sabatini and serve as a resource for the Sabatini enthusiast. Articles on Sabatini and his genre are always welcome. Please see the Rafael Sabatini articles page for addresses and submission information.

Fencing Demonstration

Fencing Master Rez is planning the demonstration of a sword fight as described in Sabatini's writing. More to come.


During our discussion of By-Law changes, President Frank Krieger offered to publish a newsletter for the society, the first edition of which is to focus on Captain Blood. For information on submissions, please contact him.

If you are a member of the Society with a project, we'd like to provide information to the other members about it here. If you need volunteer help with your project, we can include your email information or a note to pass on the names an email addresses of anyone interested. Please contact one of the Society's Officers.

If you are looking for more information on the Society, or interested in joining us, please contact the Society's Secretary, Ruth Heredia.
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