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The Life and Work of Rafael Sabatini

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The Officers of The Rafael Sabatini Society

Frank Krieger, President

Frank is a network engineer by day and a bibliophile by night. Indeed he has been a bookworm all of his life. Many years ago, during a conversation on literature, he posed a simple and innocent question to his father, "so what kind of books did you read 50 years ago"? Little realizing what a profound impact his response would create, his father's enthusiastic endorsement would commence Frank's quest of reading and collecting the marvelous adventure novels of Rafael Sabatini. Years later, he has compiled one of the more extensive collections of Rafael Sabatini books sitting alongside the classics of Mark Twain, Robert Louis Stevenson, H. Rider Haggard, Sir Walter Scott, Alexandre Dumas and hundreds of others that line his bookshelves.

His collection includes over 5,000 pre-1940 books in original dustjackets—about half of these books are juvenile series books and the other half are popular fiction including classic mysteries, adventures, swashbucklers, early sci-fi & westerns. He is a particularly avid fan of older mystery series up through the 1930s (whether "juveniles" including the Rover Boys, Tom Swift, the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew) or suspense and espionage tales like the thrilling pages of The Saint, James Bond, Fu Manchu, Philo Vance or even a Sherlock Holmes story.

Lee Nordling, Vice-President

Lee Nordling has worked as a creative director, writer, editor, artist, and art director in a wide range of fields, including graphic novels, comic books, comic strips, book publishing, magazines, newspapers, toys, and advertising. He is the author of "Your Career in the Comics," a first of its kind, definitive work on the business of newspaper comic strip syndication. He wrote for Marvel Comics, Acclaim Comics, Disney Comics, Disney Adventures, Rugrats Magazine, and Penguin Publishing. In 1998, Nordling spearheaded a team of writers and artists to revitalize the "Rugrats" comic strip for Nickelodeon and Creators Syndicate. The strip continued for five years in papers across the country, and two collections were released from Andrews & McMeel. Nordling, a past LA Times, Walt Disney Company, and DC Comics executive, is currently the owner of The Pack, a graphic novel packager that provides new and adapted material for numerous trade book publishing categories.

Ruth Heredia, Secretary-Treasurer

Ruth Heredia is a Jill-of-all-trades and mistress of some, she writes prose or poetry when the daemon moves her and circumstances permit. Some of her writing has been published in newspapers, and in an anthology of Indian poets. Most of the time she keeps house. Once, she used to sing, in a choir and solo. She has been a schoolteacher, assistant editor of The New Leader, a Catholic weekly, and librarian of St Joseph's College of Commerce in Bangalore. She has made audio-visual presentations on themes from literature, art, history and music, which were well received; as also were her organisation (selecting and recording excerpts) of appropriate background music for theatrical productions. Presently she is engaged on a two volume or twin book about Rafael Sabatini. She is simultaneously writing a book of reminiscences. Her blogis appreciated by those who read it.

If you are looking for more information on the Society, or interested in joining us, please contact the Society's Secretary, Ruth Heredia.
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