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Illustrators of Sabatini Houghton Mifflin First Editions

Houghton Mifflin used a fairly impressive list of illustrators for Sabatini's works. This table of their first editions is arranged chronologically. Linked illustrators have a short biography following the table. Linked books have a review page elsewhere on this site. Images of many of these illustrations can be seen on Frank Kreiger's Dust Jacket Gallery

Book 1st Us Edition HM Publishing Year Illustrator
Dust Jacket
Scaramouche Yes 1921 Harold James Cue
Captain Blood Yes 1922 N. C. Wyeth N. C. Wyeth
Also Captain Blood/Triangle Bks No 1946 N. C. Wyeth None
Also Captain Blood/Photoplay No N.D. N. C. Wyeth Photo Of J. Walter Kerrigan
Also Captain Blood/Riverside No 1950 Clyde O. Deland Clyde O. Deland
The Snare No 1922 DJ Is Not Pictorial None
Also The Snare/ Grosset & Dunlap No N.D. Based On Drawing By H. M. Brock None
The Sea Hawk No 1923 Harold M. Brett Harold M. Brett
Banner Of The Bull No 1923 Harold James Cue None
Fortune's Fool Yes 1923 Harold M. Brett None
Bardelys The Magnificent Yes 1924 George Giguere None
The Life Of Cesare Borgia No 1924 Frank C. Pape Portrait By Giorgione
Historical Night's Entertainment 1 No 1924 DJ Not Observed From Painting By J. E. Millais
Historical Night's Entertainment 2 No 1924 DJ Not Observed From Painting By E. M. Ward
Mistress Wilding No 1924 Harold M. Brett None
Saint Martin's Summer Yes 1924 Harold M. Brett None
The Strolling Saint (Revised) Yes 1924 H.M. Brock None
Torquemada (Revised) No 1924 DJ Is Not Pictorial From Painting By Miguel Zittoz
The Shame Of Motley Yes 1924 C. Roy Morse None
Love At Arms Yes 1924 DJ Not Observed None
The Carolinian Yes 1925 Frank E. Schoonover None
Bellarion Yes 1926 Harold M. Brett None/ Endpapers By Brett
Gates Of Doom Yes 1926 C. Roy Morse Charles E. Brock
The Lion's Skin Yes 1926 Unable To Determine From DJ None
The Trampling Of The Lilies Yes 1926 C. Roy Morse None
The Nuptials Of Corbal Yes 1927 Harold M. Brett Harold Brett / Also End Papers
The Hounds Of God Yes 1928 Harold M. Brett None
The Romantic Prince Yes 1929 Harold M. Brett None
The King's Minion Yes 1930 N. C. Wyeth None
Captain Blood Returns Yes 1931 Dean Cornwell None / End Papers By Cornwell
Scaramouche The Kingmaker Yes 1931 W. Smithson Broadhead None
The Black Swan Yes 1932 N. C. Wyeth None
The Stalking Horse Yes 1933 N. C. Wyeth None
Heroic Lives Yes 1934 Paul Quinn None
Venetian Masque Yes 1934 N. C. Wyeth None
Chivalry Yes 1935 W. Smithson Broadhead None
The Fortunes Of Captain Blood Yes 1936 Unable To Determine From DJ None
The Lost King Yes 1937 John Alan Maxwell None
Historical Night's Entertainment 3 Yes 1938 Unable To Determine From DJ None
The Sword Of Islam Yes 1939 John Alan Maxwell None
Master At Arms Yes 1940 John Alan Maxwell None
Colombus Yes 1942 George F. Kelley None
The Birth Of Mischief Yes 1945 John Alan Maxwell None
The Gamester Yes 1949 John Alan Maxwell None
DJ Not Pictorial: This designation applies to two Sabatini books: The Snare, which has a dust jacket containing some text and a black line drawing of sabatini and a black line drawing of a swordsman, and Torquemada and The Spanish Inquisition, which has has text and a black profile drawing of Toquemada. Neither of these could be called pictorial nor would anyone care about the illustrator.

DJ Not Observed: This means that i have not been able to find anyone who has the book with a dust jacket. Being rare, I do not expect to find a dust jacket.

Unable To Determine From DJ: This designation, though disappointing, indicates that I have seen the jacket but have been unable to determine the identity of the illustrator. I have also been able, in the case of The Fortunes Of Captain Blood, to see a colored illustration of the jacket as the frontispiece of the autograph edition of The Writings Of Sabatini. This has not helped to make the identification of the illustrator.

Short Biographies Of The Illustrators

Harold M. Brett (1880-1955). Brett was an American illustrator who specialized in genre illustrations. He illustrated eight sabatini dust jackets from 1923 to 1929. Some of the most popular jacket illustrations on the sabatini books are by Brett. His oil painting of the jacket cover to Sabatini's novel Hounds Of God was offered at auction in 1997 for $3000 but did not sell.

Charles E. Brock (1870-1938). Brock was an English illustrator and portrait painter who was trained as a sculptor. He is known for his illustrations of period books by Jane Austen, Oliver Goldsmith, Daniel Defoe and Sir Walter Scott. He worked in Cambridge, England in collaboration with his brother, H.M. Brock, who also illustrated Sabatini books.

H.M. Brock. As stated in his brothers bio, he worked in Cambridge, England with his brother and was a book illustrator.

W. Smithson Broadhead (1888-1960). Broadhead was a British illustrator and portrait painter whose specialty was horse-racing art. He illustrated two Sabatini books.

Dean Cornwell (1892-1960). Cornwell was a U.S. illustrator and mural painter who had a successful career as a magazine illustrator in the 1920's. He painted murals in California and New York City including Rockefeller Center.

Harold James Cue (1887-1961). Cue was a U.S. illustrator who emphasized cowboy and aviation art. He was the illustrator of two Sabatini books including the popular Scaramouche.

Clyde O. Deland (1872-1947). Deland was a U.S. illustrator who died in 1947. In addition to illustrating the jacket of the later edition of Captain Blood, he also illustrated some of the books in the autographed edition of The Writings Of Sabatini.

George Giguere (early 20th century). Giguere was best known for war and western illustrations. He illustrated Bardelys The Magnificent for Houghton Mifflin which was his only Sabatini jacket illustration.

John Alan Maxwell (1904-1984). Maxwell got his start as a magazine illustrator in the 20's and 30's. In 1936, he was named one of the top-ten illustrators in the country. Born in Tennessee, he was considered an authority on the costumes of the civil war. In 1976, he was commissioned to paint a series of paintings for the DAR. He illustrated five Sabatini jackets.

C. Roy Morse (1917-1997). Morse studied at the New England School of Art. He is known for his marine genre paintings and for many years was an art teacher. He won the award for "Best of New England". Morse illustrated three Sabatini jackets.

Frank C. Pape (1878-1972). Pape was a U.S. illustrator who was known for his book illustrations. He illustrated only one Sabatini jacket.

Frank E. Schoonover (1877-1972). Schoonover was born in new jersey and studied under Howard Pyle. He earned the reputation as a skilled illustrator and as a portrait, figure and lancscape painter of lively scenes. In 1914, he started on a career as a magazine and book illustrator. At the height of his popularity, it is thought that he reached 5 million readers a month.

N.C. Wyeth (1882-1945). Newell Convers Wyeth was born in Needham, Mass and trained under Howard Pyle. He became the most recognized illustrator in America and probably the most collectible illustrator of all time. He had an enormous output of over 3000 illustrations and an equal number of portraits, still lifes and landscapes. His illustrations included such periods as the old west, indian life, medieval and American colonial. He did illustrations for most of the major magazines and book publishers in the U.S. He was the father of Andrew Wyeth and illustrated five Sabatini novels. His 24" x 25" oil painting for the cover of Sabatini's Venetian Mask sold at auction in 1994 for $19,550.

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