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Sabatini was a prolific writer, so we have split his bibliography into several parts. This first part includes his novels and appears below. Other pages include his shorter works which were gathered into collections in his lifetime, shorter works which are not available in collections, shorter works which were gathered into collections after his death, information on first UK or American Editions of his work, and information on the illustrators who designed the dust jackets. These links also appear at the bottom of all the bibliography pages.

The Novels of Rafael Sabatini

Links indicate pages with reviews of that book. Where available, we have included the original advertising copy, dustjacket information and contemporary reviews. Eventually, we hope to have pages on each of Sabatini's books.

Title Published
The Lovers of Yvonne
also titled The Suitors of Yvonne
The Tavern Knight 1904
Bardelys the Magnificent 1906
The Trampling of the Lilies 1906
Love-At-Arms 1907
The Shame of Motley 1908
St. Martin's Summer 1909
Mistress Wilding
also titled Anthony Wilding
The Lion's Skin 1911
The Strolling Saint 1913
revised 1925
The Gates of Doom 1914
The Sea Hawk 1915
The Snare 1917
Scaramouche 1921
Captain Blood: His Odyssey 1922
Fortune's Fool 1923
The Carolinian 1924
Bellarion the Fortunate 1926
The Hounds of God 1928
The Romantic Prince 1929
The King's Minion
also titled The Minion
Scaramouche the Kingmaker 1931
The Black Swan 1932
The Stalking Horse 1933
Venetian Masque 1934
Chivalry 1935
The Lost King 1937
The Sword of Islam 1939
The Marquis of Carabas
also titled Master-At-Arms
Columbus 1941
King In Prussia
also titled The Birth of Mischief
The Gamester 1949

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