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"Being an Account of the Strange Wooing pursued by the Sieur Marcel de Saint-Pol; Marquis of Bardelys, and of the things that in the course of it befell him in Languedoc, in the year of the Rebellion."

Bardelys the Magnificent

The hero, a handsome, reckless favorite of the French monarch Louis XIII, wagers his estate with a rival for the King's favor that he can win a beautiful heiress in the province of Languedoc whom his opponent has courted in vain. How he goes to Languedoc and is promptly snared in the web of rebellion that has been woven against the King, how he is wounded in battle and seeks shelter in the castle of the girl's father, who welcomes him as one of the rebels, how he woos the girl, overcomes his rival, and escapes from a charge of treason, make on of the most stirring and swiftly moving stories of love, intrigue, and adventure that Sabatini has ever written.

published by The Riverside Press Cambridge, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1906

Bardelys the Magnificent is no longer in copyright.
Reprints are widely available, and reading copies can be found on most used book and auction sites.
E-texts can be found for sale
around the Internet, including our sponsor, Hidden Knowledge.
The text of Bardelys the Magnificent
is available online at Project Gutenberg, Munsey's or Arthur's Classic Novels.

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